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         The politics of drinking
December 21, 2009



The drink answers

Here are the answers to the Christmas 2009 Politics of 
Drinking quiz :

1           11,000, over the space of two years

2           Herbert ‘Squiffy’ Asquith, who was often seen swaying at the dispatch box after lunch

3           Roger Protz, who became the first editor of Socialist Worker in 1969. He still writes for the paper occasionally, most recently here.

4           Eight – twice the recommended daily limit and the equivalent of four pints of standard beer

5           Punch Taverns and Enterprise Inns. Though arguably it’s the banks that own most pubs

6          BrewDog Tokyo – following a complaint lodged by the brewery itself. The ban was made on account of the brand’s marketing rather than its strength

7          Carlisle in Cumbria. There was a massive munitions factory at the town and the wartime government wanted to keep the workers sober.

8          The GMB. Unite is also organising pub tenants in protest at high rents and the tie

9           Kilmarnock, when international drinks giant Diageo announced it was closing the Johnnie Walker distillery

10         Pleisure Pubs, which operates a dozen pubs. It’s not that Nick Griffin, it’s the nice one

BONUS: David Lloyd George, during the First World War

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